​レジスターの手順 How to sign up your kids

1, Please continue after viewing and signing the waiver forms. We will receive the signed forms on the first day of participation.

2, Please click the Register button below to find the registration form page.

3, If you are registering multiple participants (siblings), please submit all participants' separate forms. 

4, When you are finished registering, please check the payment method on the day of. Starting this season, HST will be added to the total payment amount. 


◆ E-Transfer (

◆ Bank cheques (Pay to: J Athletics Canada Inc.)

◆ Cash

◆ Online payment 

(As of now, our online payment system is not accepting certain payment options so we will not accept online banking until this problem is fixed. If you are paying through a credit card, we will have a payment machine on the day of practice. We will also accept cheque, cash, and etransfer on the day of practice as well. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

Please complete the payment before the first day of practice, or your first day of participation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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